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Are you looking for a sizzling, steamy, gritty romance filled with angst, emotional turmoil and an unexpected twist?

Do you enjoy the suspense of wondering if there will be a HEA?

    Then this could be just what you’re looking for

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How does it feel to be the ‘other woman’? But more importantly, what if you don’t know you are the ‘other woman’? What happens when the man that you love tells you he’s having an affair….and it’s with you?

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Mack and Jen, the perfect couple, with the perfect life, but perfect just isn’t enough for Mack. He meets Abbi, and feels himself immediately drawn to her. He can’t explain it. He loves Jen, and doesn’t want to hurt her, but ultimately finds himself in love with two women! 


Finding himself in a hopeless situation with no way out, he does nothing, and lets nature take its course, which has disastrous results for everyone. Can there possibly be a happy ending in sight?


A Sorry Affair is a contemporary romance, set in Edinburgh, so be prepared for some Scottish dialogue! 

My hope for you the reader, is that I’ve created characters which are likeable and who you can empathise with but ultimately ask yourself what you would do?

It’s had some great reviews already

5 stars from Suze Lavendar ‘…a gorgeous story about a man and a woman who have it all, but somehow that still isn’t enough and everything falls apart. Kirsten Nairn’s story is filled with romance, sadness and hope. I absolutely loved this fabulous novella.’ 

4 Stars from Dannika Day ‘Although there are times that make you truly feel for the characters’ situations, the surprising twist at the end of the story almost consoles you for all that. 
It genuinely leaves you wanting to find out how the characters’ lives turn out – which is definitely the mark of a good writer.’


You can buy a copy from any of these sites. 


 Smashwords Goodreads  Barnes and Noble     Kobo  Waterstones 

or if you’re still not sure, download the first chapter for free, but hurry, it’s for a limited time only 

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I have just one plea…..please make very happy and leave a review  🙂

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